SavageMan Triathlon Festival

2015 SavageMan Triathlon Details
Race results for the 2015 SavageMan are available here:

Please visit the VTSMTS event pages for the SavageMan 70.0 and SavageMan 30.0 races for 2015 details.

2014 SavageMan Triathlon Results
Congratulations to all 2014 SavageMan Triathlon Festival finishers, including those who earned their "Brick in the Wall".

Full results are available for the SavageMan 70.0 and the SavageMan 30.0.

Overall SavageMan 70.0 winners: John Kenny (4:39:38) and Kristin Lemos (5:35:16).

Overall SavageMan 30.0 winners: Joshua Cone (2:16:51) and Kelly Collier (2:27:11).

Overall SavageMan 100.0 winners: Brad Stone (7:52:10) and Holley Sweeney (9:39:09).

The only course record set in 2014 was the SavageMan 70.0 Big Savage Mountain Hill Climb record, with 30:32 by Kelly Williamson tieing the 2010 record set by Philip Graves.

2013 SavageMan Triathlon Results
Congratulations to all 2013 SavageMan Triathlon Festival finishers, including those who earned their "Brick in the Wall".

Full results are available for the SavageMan 70.0 and the SavageMan 30.0.

Overall SavageMan 70.0 winners: Kelly Williamson (4:41:13) and Lauryn MacFawn (5:31:36).

Overall SavageMan 30.0 winners: Lucas McCollum (2:03:49) and Jennifer Leehey (2:30:26).

Overall SavageMan 100.0 winners: Lucas McCollum (7:07:03) and Erika Wetzel (8:52:08).

The only course record set in 2013 was the SavageMan 30.0 bike course record, with 58:26 by Lucas McCollum.

SavageMan Triathlon Festival News and Announcements
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SavageMan Triathlon Festival Awards and Recognition
  1. SavageMan 70.0 Triathlon named USAT Mid-Atlantic Long Course Championship for 2013 and 2014!
  2. SavageMan 30.0 Triathlon named USAT Mid-Atlantic Club Championship Series event!
  3. SavageMan Triathlon wins first place in two categories of Triathlete Magazine's "Best of 2012" competition!
    • Best Race T-shirt
    • and, drumroll please.....Best Triathlon of 2012!!!
  4. By all metrics, SavageMan is a hit!!! View the participant feedback from the 2012 SavageMan Athletes Survey.

Looking For SavageMan Triathlon Motivation?
  1. Enjoy these SavageMan videos

  2. SavageMan 70.0 Triathlon Headlines Triathlete Magazine's 100 Best Races List
    The March 2010 issue of Triathlete Magazine contained a major piece listing the 100 Best Triathlons on Earth. The SavageMan 70.0 Triathlon was the headline race listed, earning a two page article and the #1 ranking in the World's Hardest Triathlons category.

  3. SavageMan Triathlon Festival Participant Reviews
    Read feedback from SavageMan post-race surveys here.
    Or, read the reviews posted by participants to the independent 3rd party race review site Racevine here.

SavageMan - World's Most Beautiful and Most Savage Triathlons!
Are you interested in a race that will one minute leave you gasping for breath on a steep climb and the next minute leave you gasping in awe at a stunning vista?

Would you like a race where there are challenges beyond just how fast you can go or what place you can finish?

Would you like to stake your claim to triathlon immortality and earn a personalized engraved brick laid in the road of the steepest climb in all of triathlon?

Are you frustrated with drafting packs and bland, uninspiring courses at mediocre venues?

Deep Creek Lake and the pristine, rugged Allegheny Mountains of western Maryland, provide a venue of unmatched beauty and stunning scenery, and feature two courses that will certainly bring out the true "Savage" in all who come to conquer, from the competitive Ironman racer to the leisurely back-of-the-pack or novice participant. Whether swimming in the crystal clear Deep Creek Lake, riding the smooth, remote, and challenging roads of Garrett County, or running on Deep Creek State Park trails and the surrounding lakeside roads, the SavageMan Triathlon Festival races will challenge and awe every participant.

If such a triathlon event appeals to you then you will love the SavageMan Triathlon Festival.

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