Deep Creek Lake, Md
The World's Most Savage Triathlons
Sept 17-18, 2016  
SavageMan Triathlon Festival

2016 SavageMan Triathlon Details
The 2016 edition of the SavageMan Triathlon Festival will be the 10th edition, and with this milestone we are thrilled to announce major changes to the world-renowned event, including two brand new race additions, a run course change, and the ultimate savage accomplishment: the SavageMan 120.0.
  1. the all-new SavageMan 20.0 Sprint Triathlon, and
  2. the all-new SavageMan 50.0 SBR-SBR Triathlon, a unique, multi-triathlon format consisting of continous, back-to-back racing of both of Saturday's races, the SavageMan 20.0 Sprint Triathlon and the SavageMan 30.0 International Triathlon.
  3. a new, extremely spectator friendly two-loop run course for the SavageMan 30.0 International Triathlon.
  4. the ultimate test for the true savage, the SavageMan 120.0 Combination Triathlon

Please visit the event pages for the event details for the individual SavageMan Triathlon Festival races: or the Multiple-Race SavageMan Triathlon Festival combination triathlons:
The addition of the SavageMan 20.0 Sprint and SavageMan 50.0 SBR-SBR Triathlons ups the ante for those true savages who want to attempt the ultimate savage challenge of completing all races of the SavageMan Triathlon Festival Weekend. Previously the SavageMan 100.0, the new ultimate savage achievement is the SavageMan 120.0 Triathlon, consisting of the SavageMan 50.0 SBR-SBR Triathlon on Saturday and the SavageMan 70.0 Triathlon on Sunday.

SavageMan Triathlon Festival - World's Most Beautiful and Most Savage Triathlon Festival!
Are you interested in a race that will one minute leave you gasping for breath and the next minute leave you gasping in awe at a stunning vista?

Would you like a race where there are challenges beyond just how fast you can go or what place you can finish?

Would you like to stake your claim to triathlon immortality and earn a personalized engraved brick laid in the road of the steepest climb in all of triathlon?

Are you frustrated with drafting packs and bland, uninspiring courses at mediocre venues?

Deep Creek Lake and the pristine, rugged Allegheny Mountains of western Maryland, provide a venue of unmatched beauty and stunning scenery, and feature separate Half-Ironman, International, and Sprint triathlon races that will certainly bring out the true "Savage" in all who come to conquer, from the competitive Ironman racer to the leisurely back-of-the-pack or novice participant. Whether swimming in the crystal clear Deep Creek Lake, riding the smooth, remote, and challenging roads of Garrett County, or running through Deep Creek State Park and the surrounding lakeside roads, the SavageMan Triathlon Festival races will challenge and awe every participant.

If such a triathlon event appeals to you then you will love the SavageMan Triathlon Festival.

SavageMan Triathlon Festival News and Announcements
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SavageMan Triathlon Festival Awards and Recognition
  1. SavageMan Triathlon wins Best Triathlon of 2012 in Triathlete Magazine's "Best of 2012" competition!
  2. SavageMan 70.0 Triathlon Headlines Triathlete Magazine's 100 Best Races List. The SavageMan 70.0 Triathlon was the headline race listed, earning a two page article and the #1 ranking in the World's Hardest Triathlons category.
  3. By all metrics, SavageMan is a hit!!! View the participant feedback from the 2012 SavageMan Athletes Survey. Or, read the reviews posted by participants to the independent 3rd party race review site Racevine here.

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SavageMan Triathlon Festival - World's Most Beautiful and Most Savage Triathlon Festival!